We do believe we have found a unique way for those wishing to “review” us ANONYMOUSLY from a short distance.  This can be done quite conveniently.  There is a darts group playing every Friday evening at the local Minden Ontario Tavern.  The Pub is very spacious, with various areas.  The darts is played at one end.  People such as this scribe ( who does not like to mix his beer with tossing darts ) still partake of the evening fun simply by yakking with players in between turns, etc.  Peterborough being the area that tops our BPL INTERNET RADIO SHOWS listenership, is for example, only one hour and 15 minutes away from Minden.  So why not get a “designated” driver for a group to join us in the fun for starters.  It goes from 7.30 pm. to 10 ish . Why shucks, down the road you might even pitch in and personally assist the BPL in our legal lobby actions, rescuing our British & European Christian civilization, from the jaws of the third world !! Going full circle now with this editorial: perhaps your group wishes to size us up first before introductions are even considered.  Easily done from any area of the vast bar seating, etc., etc.  We would not know your group at all so you would just appear to be another set of people out for Friday night.  You will like what you see…..ORDINARY people concerned about the future of our British & European rooted countries.  We obviously are quite casual on our night out, but within these ordinary people is a united and determined spirit !!  A few of our BPL ADVISORY COUNCIL ( “Dirty Dozen” ) are there every Friday as well.  Some even wear our spiffy BritishPeoplesLeague.Com T.Shirts !!  So come on folks.  The format described IS perfect for you to take a peek, without getting your feet even damp !!  GO FOR IT !!