To My Australian Friends


My family and I listened carefully to the “Governor General” of your Commonwealth, today.

We had just started to eat breakfast when I tuned in Radio Australia on the short wave band. We caught the repeat broadcast.

I teach our children at home, myself, and I told them before the G.G.’s Address (?) that we could only hope that the hardships of two hundred years of your history might be praised, and dare I suggest, even bragged about !

What did we hear ? – everything we hear in Canada, Britain, etc. – shear liberal dribble “oh we must lose our suspicion – welcome migrants with their various cultures, etc., etc.” One could not be faulted for thinking that the G.G. was a Nigerian (similar to our Lieutenant Governor here in Ontario, Canada).

Not a mention of the British Blood in a proud way. Not a mention of British Inheritance – of British legal systems, administration, etc. Hopefully MAYBE the “prince” made up for some of this in his speeches ??

My children (11/7/4) staring at the world map on the wall whilst the puke spoke, could readily understand stronger than ever, the desperate need for our BRITISH PEOPLES LEAGUE to work with those of our ancestry on a global scale