Murder Plot Exposed


ONLY AT BPL PRIVATE MEETINGS : ” UNVEILED – CANADA’S SECRET CIVIL WAR DECEMBER 1978, UNTIL ? ” Weird unexplainable public media headings, published in very unusual ways, in newspaper references, etc.

Most Canadians would think a ” hidden ” Secret Civil War would be impossible in our Dominion of Canada.

Most hear of the opening shots, the beginnings, verifying that I am off my rocker!! Our evidence is produced: proof beyond doubt that actions of a secret civil war did take place in Canada, started with first shots being fired on Boxing Day, 1978! AND AS A RESULT our private audiences ARE GROWING.

No, we are not a secret society, but rather it is a PRIVILEDGE AND HONOUR to be invited to our private meetings.

ONLY those who talk our talk and walk our walk are invited.

SECRET CIVIL WAR SNIPPETS!! Scenario: midnight explosions, mysterious daylight hydro blackouts in Canadian cities, overabundance of train derailments (including the Mississauga Train de-railment), suspicious fires such as the women’s McGill Club building in Toronto, the historic Rideau Club building in Ottawa, both being burned to the ground, and on and on and on.

(Joe Clark actually watched the Rideau Club burning from his Ottawa Parliament office window).

Pierre’s sudden decision to resign after a walk in the snow ?? Pierre’s Cabinet having all kinds of physical “accidents”…John Munroe “falling in his bathtub”, & SEVERELY BRUISED!! Don Jameison “falling” onto rocks, near death ??? and on and on…………Pierre “Retired” residence, across the street from the CUBAN EMBASSY for 24 hour protection in Montreal ? Book progress BEING PREVIEWED ONLY AT OUR PRIVATE MEETINGS THROUGHOUT THE DOMINION.

It was originally planned to discuss the theme of the book on YouTube, but then the BPL Advisory Council realized: why should Joe and Joanne public get free previews, when they are not YET supporting the BPL ? ONLY THOSE ATTENDING OUR ONGOING PRIVATE MEETINGS, THROUGHOUT OUR DOMINION OF CANADA, are getting the inside ADVANCE story.

Obviously two sides make for a Canadian Civil War.

Neither side wanted it acknowledged by the general public, as the Canadian dollar would have dropped to ZILCH value!! The only way each side could “report” to those on the edges of each camp , as to goings on , was via mysteriously coded newsclips, intentionally inserted in the daily press.

(Wounded from our side handled at a well known Toronto hospital on the East side of Yonge Street, and the enemy wounded handled at a well known Toronto hospital on the West side of Yonge Street.) TELL ALL in the book, and working to get it cut loose on the public as soon as time and funding allows.

(cost of publishing: Now accepting donations to the BPL, with all book monies deposited back into BPL Accounts, to cover required Patriotic Activities) Heck, as a splashy sidebar: included in one chapter will be proof of a cunning death plot to have me murdered: by WHOM ? A PLOT BY WELL-KNOWN TORONTO ” RIGHT WING ” CHARACTERS, TO HAVE ME PUSHED OUT THE BACK OF A VAN SPEEDING ALONG ONTARIO’S HIGHWAY # 401.

They were berserk with jealousy at being completely excluded from our patriotic camp, plus terrified that their lives might not be too comfortable after we succeeded in broadcasting our new “ADMINISTRATION” via National Outlets!(announcement broadcaster ?) (see ” ADMINISTRATOR ” in Canada’s Constitution) The “right wing” misfits were too stupid to see that their discovered murder plot was all setup by the real enemy.

“Mysterious” guardians of yours truly appeared out of nowhere downstairs in the bunker apartment complex across from the old Toronto Wellesley hospital.

They appeared in Loblaws,(part of the complex), where my registered nurse (shift charge nurse) wife was shopping on return from her shift work at the Wellesley ,just across Sherbourne Street.

One of my “guardians”,(a well known Toronto Journalist), signalled to Hazel to come over……he then whispered if she had ever seen the two men ,who were in the process of buying my favourite German Rye bread.

(they sure knew a lot about my habits!!) The conspiracy plan was that the two advance plotters would entice me…(Hazel told the patriotic journalist that she had never seen either of the two)……their plan was to get past the doorman, go upstairs, to our 7th floor corner bunker They were to get me to a meeting (to hear a rightist speaker at his favourite airport meeting spot…one guy of the two was conveniently the bartender at the airport function!!).

Why shucks and golly gee, they even had a bottle of the only liquor I can touch..: brandy!! One was a Rhodesian South African,…an extremely arrogant type I had met once before (witnessed him scooping a church collection plate cash along with D.S.

a few months earlier) Lo and behold, the other chap was from Australia….(also happened to be spying for Mossad).

Him I had never met.

How could JB turn down such two fine chaps ? I mean….a Rhodesian/South African and an Australian…mother would be so pleased!! What the amateur rightist plotters at the German Harmony Club on Sherbourne Street did NOT KNOW: after JB found dead, drunk on edge (or squished in middle) of Toronto’s Hwy #40l, ALL OF THEM WOULD HAVE BEEN LOCKED UP FOR MURDER.

Except of course our dear Mossad agent, who would have identified all the conspirators, with his role conveniently being forgiven!! (by fluke returning from a stroll a previous few days, I spotted two known rightists (D.A.

& A.L.)leaving the plot meeting in a cab (driven by negro), which curved behind the building complex driving them back to Toronto’s East End……at the time I wondered what these two were doing downtown, behind my building).

What a scoop….get all the key “rightist” figures in Toronto locked up for decades, and JB dead.

It might have worked, except for my “mysterious” guardians.

Upon a nod from the journalist, IN BROAD DAYLIGHT IN FRONT OF SHOPPERS AT LOBLAWS, quickly and silently some youthful “guardians” moved down the isle….neck grabbed the two conspirators….hands over mouths…and dragged them both to a waiting Van.

The duo disappeared forevermore thereafter!! Next morning the entire screwball armada of rightists were swarming the lower level walk wraparound area of the bunker complex at 565 Sherbourne Street, desperately peering up (G.U.& K.A. just two that I spotted) looking for their two missing “buddies”.

One of their scum, J.P.,(he lived in Mexico 1/2 year round with his Mexican brood)….circled and circled the building most of that Sunday in his taxi.


even pushed my buzzer at 7.00 am that Sunday morning asking to talk…his voice was quivering yet demanding to get in and speak to me…….I told him to go to hell….no mention of his two disappeared accomplices.

All the little darling amateurs knew was that their two missing men entered Loblaws at around 3 pm on the Saturday, never to be seen again…what could they do ? Go to the Police and report that their co-conspirators on a mission to kill Beattie, suddenly disappeared ?…….shucks the very same Saturday of the mysterious “disappearance”….that evening happened to be Halloween…….did it ever look cute…..only two huge sharp looking teeth standing out with the huge candle lit pumpkin..eery carved out eyes…the whole bit….must still give them all the shivers as they peered up to the 7th floor window…candle glowing on the spook pumpkin…shimmering effect through the highrise window……….these decades later do these fools think I have forgotten this episode ? And people wonder why I don’t mix with Toronto’s “right”!! Enemy (besides the idiots just described) : multicultural promoters, lefties, pure commies, thousands imported specifically to combat our patriots.

For Our patriot side: the old established W.A.S.P.

& friends, Canada wide, who had finally made a firm decision to attempt to salvage the Dominion of Canada we all knew and loved.

Patriot imports for our side were many Brits and true Americans, and even some Northern Italians came over to assist!! Truth is stranger than Fiction.

My son is named after three dead heroes (policemen) who were in on the very first launch of attack, (Quebec Laurentian mountains) Boxing Day, 1978) Launching grounds: Buttonville Airport, Ontario Canada.

Traitors galore in our ranks caused many losses.

Rest of advanced spice revealed ONLY at BPL PRIVATE MEETINGS.

want in ??